Tranås at the Fringe

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Torsdag 7 juli: Våra events framförs vanligen på svenska och engelska, men det kan även förekomma inslag av av både japanska och swahili. Vi har allt från föreställningar, poesiläsningar, workshops, stadsvandringar med mera. Så kom och doppa nyfikna tår i något nytt och spännande eller beskök dina favorituttryck, men framför allt kom och njut


Morgonpoesi med Rufus Mufasa
9:00 -9:30
English | Free
Tillsätt ett poetiskt ljudlandskap till din morgon.
Öppna ett nytt fönster på webbläsaren och
lyssna på poesi samtidigt som du avnjuter
frukosten.Rufus Mufasa is a pioneering
participatory artist, literary activist, poet,
rapper, singer songwriter, theater maker, and
last but not least, Mother. From Barbican
Fellow to the first Future Generations
Act Poet in Residence, Rufus also works
internationally, securing literary residencies
from Hay Literature Festival to Sweden,
Finland, Indonesian, and most recently
Zimbabwe, but always returns to People
Speak Up in Llanelli, Wales, promoting hip
hop education, performance poetry and
intergenerational development, and was
appointed their Poet on Prescription 2021.
A Hull ’19 artist in conjunction with BBC
Contains Strong Language, Flashbacks and
Flowers is her debut collection, published by
Indigo Dreams, awarded for their innovation
in publishing, and a second solo album
also drops in 2021. Rufus’ work explores
motherhood, the spirituality of ancestry, class,
climate chaos, transgenerational trauma, the
divine & the domestic, feminism & faith.

Konst i offentliga rum -
Stadsvandring - Lars Erik Strand
12.00 - 13:30
Utgår från Kultivera | Storgatan 17
Svenska | Gratis
Med början vid Kultivera tar bildläraren Lars-
Erik Strand med er på en vandring genom
de centrala delarna av Tranås och stannar
upp vid viktiga offentliga konstverk. Äldre
och moderna, lokala och internationellt
verksamma konstnärer.

Workshop - Transform your
poems into moving poems
12:30 - 14:00
Kultivera | Storgatan 17
Literature | Media
English | Free
Transform your poems into moving poems
– literally! In this workshop, Pablo Saborío
will teach you simple tools that will allow
you to create video poems online. This
course is aimed for beginners with no prior
experience in online video editing. At the
end of the workshop, you’ll be able to create
your own video poems so you can reach
bigger audiences with your literary creations!
Prior to starting the workshop, you’ll need:
-A laptop
- Sign up for free at https://www.wevideo.
- At least 2 video clips that you’d like to use
for your video poem. (The more the merrier!)
- A poem or two that you want to convert into
a video poem.

Passion for Words -
Daniel Malpica
14:00 -15:00
Segersons Cafe | Missionsgatan 2
English | Free
Daniel Malpica a Helsinki based graphic
designer, event producer, author, ex member
of the board of Pen Finland and multimedia
explorer has a particular interest in the
intersection between literary, graphic design
and photographic practices, which has given
him an understanding in the relevance of
readability, text and visual aesthetics. Let him

Från Kuba till Helsingborg,
poeten Aleisa
15:00 - 15:45
Kultivera | Storgatan 17
Svenska | Gratis
Aleisa Ribalta Guzman är en poet som har
sitt ursprung i Kuba men bor i Helsingborg.
Hon berättar om sitt liv, sina projekt och om
världsomspännande arbete.

film screening - ‘Notice, claim
16:00 - 16:30
Studio | Storgatan 49
Performing Arts
English | Free
"Notice, Claim, Repurpose captures
behind-the-scenes footage and interviews
during the creative process of Self
Contained, the production which was
created and toured by ilYoung 2021.
In the documentary, you will hear from
the cast, as well as ilDance directors Lee
Brummer and Israel Aloni as they reflect on the
process and the state of contemporary dance
for young and emerging artists in Sweden.
Vänligen notera att programmet kan ändras och kompletteras
Håll dig uppdaterad på vår hemsida

Föreläsning med filmaren
Johanna Aust
16:00 - 17:30
Kultivera | Storgatan 17
Svenska | Gratis
Lyssna på Johanna Aust som är filmare
ursprungligen från Tranås. Hon var aktuell
med filmen Petra&Peter härom året.

Ana Paula Patiño Acosta - Work
in progress
16:30 - 16.45
Studio | Storgatan 49
Performing Arts
English | Free
My piece is about being lost in what you think
you want. It’s kind of a personal process that
I’ve been going through since I left home and
I’m still trying to figure it out. The feeling of
doing things that you believe in but realising
maybe they’re not what you actually want or
that it’s not going in the right direction.

Tilda Lärke & Patrick Eduardo
da Cunha - Work in progress
16:45 - 17:00
Studio | Storgatan 49
Performing Arts
English | Free
”“A cycle or pool of possibilities
Deciding to seek them through folding my
Experiencing more
Noticing new pathways
All is literally here now
It is much more simple than what seems.

(choreography & performance: Alma
Faringer Hultberg)
17:00 - 17:30
Studio | Storgatan 49
Performing Arts
English | Free
”My piece is based on the following text:
“Imagine you’re standing up. Feet’s grounded,
parallel position. Long, slightly bended legs,
centered hip. The tailbone is down like you
have a long tail hanging between your legs.
The lower stomach is activated. You feel
space between your armpits, ribs are in,
proud chest. Shoulders down, arms relaxed
hanging along the sides of your body. You
feel waterdrops dripping from your fingertips.
You feel your shoulder blades spread out like
wings from an angel.
Water has an amazing way of dealing with
obstacles. Like in our veins, water chooses
paths after obstacles that it encounters. It
flows around, under, and through obstacles.
Water is patient and flexible. When something
is thrown in its way, water directly interacts
with it and seeks opportunities to keep moving
Imagine you’re standing up. To take a step in

Pankhuri Sinha i samtal med
Mats Granberg
17:00 - 18:00
Strandbaren | Ågatan 20E
English | Free
Mats Grehnberg interviews Pankhuri Sinha
bilingual poet, writer, journalist, lecturer
and editor from India who’s work has been
translated in over 22 countries.

Workshop - Så gör du dina
texter levande på scenen
17:00 - 18:30
Piratenhuset | Storgatan 48
Svenska | Gratis
Skriver du dikter eller andra korta texter
och är sugen på att framföra dem på scen?
Kanske har du redan scenvana, men vill
utveckla din teknik. I den här workshopen
får du öva på tempo och tonläge, inlevelse
och kroppsspråk. Vi bekantar oss också
närmare med mikrofonen. Ta gärna
med en egen text du vill jobba med.
Workshopledare: Scenpoeten och författaren
Louise Halvardsson som har varit en del av
spoken word-scenen i 20 år, i både England
och Sverige.

COMPASS Stage - Artist talk
18:00 - 19:00
Studio | Storgatan 49
Performing Arts
English | Free
Artist talk with Ana Paula Patiño Acosta,
Alma Faringer Hultberg, Tilda Lärke, Patric
Eduardo da Cunha, Storm Dunder and
Rannhvi Mebius Jormin

Självupptagenhet och bildning
på 2020-talet
18:00 - 19:00
Kultivera | Storgatan 17
Svenska | Gratis
”Författaren Peter Nyberg samtalar med
Henrik Hermansson om hans debutbok från
2022, ””Allting handlar inte om dig själv här
och nu””. Är självupptagenhet ett växande
problem och hur yttrar den sig? Hur påverkar
självupptagenheten vårt sätt att tänka?
Möjlighet att köpa signerad bok efter

International Poetry Stage
19:00 - 20.30
Strandbaren | Ågatan 20E
English,Espaniol | Gratis, Entrada libre
Under two hours several international writers
talk about their writing and read from their
poetry: Angela Garcia, Daniel Malpica,
Pankhuri Sinha, Stephen Treharne, Pablo
Saborio, Alesia Ribalta Guzman. MC -
Dominic Williams

Yellow - We’re Halfway There
19:30 - 20:30
Studio | Storgatan 49
Performing arts
English | Ticket 50kr
Welcome into our yellow universe! Yellow
- We’re Halfway There is a nuanced and
playful reflection on young adult life and its
ups and downs. Contrasting interpretations of
the color’s spectrum, such as happiness and
danger, are put into motion on stage. In our
yellow universe, we let the body translate, be
inspired and speak for all shades of the color,
as a metaphor for life. Humanity, vulnerability
and friendship constitutes the core of the
piece while using the color yellow as a red

Ariadne of Crete
19:30 - 20:30
Teater JARMO | Ängarydsg. 10
Performance Arts
English | Ticket, pay want you want
Ariadne of Crete is a one-woman puppet
show about love, labyrinths and lost identities.
It’s mixing the antique myth of Ariadne with
Dionysos - the god of theatre and pleasure,
Lapland with palace of Knossos, from being
in love with a bull with being an underdog. On
stage we see one puppeteer, a lot of strings
and puppets made of wool. Some great
manipulation and not so great ventriloquism,
trying to get its creator out of her coronatumb
and the spectators to laugh and cry.